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    CTA Axial Flow Turbocharger
        日期:2021-02-08    字體:【大】【中】【小】

    The CTA axial flow turbocharger comprises a single stage centrifugal compressor and an axial turbine with inboard film bearings. It is designed for four-stroke medium-speed and two-stroke low-speed diesel engines with a power output range from 3000 kW to 6500 kW.


    > Offering pressure ratio as high as 5.5, and turbocharging efficiencies up to 70% with wide flow range;

    > Serial products, applicable for different diesel engines;

    > Coated film bearing with good reliability, long times between replacements;

    > Compact and less parts, convenience for assembly and maintenance;

    > Applicable for heavy fuel oil and dual-fuel engines;

    > Special design for sequential turbocharging system(Option)