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      Spuer critical CO2 Turbo Compressor Generator
      Spuer critical CO2 turbo compressor generator
          日期:2021-02-08    字體:【大】【中】【小】

      The supercritical CO2 Brayton cycle has high thermal efficiency at relatively low cycle temperature. turbo compressor is in small size of large specific power.  S-CO2 turbo compressor generator is widely used in electric power station such as thermal, photothermal and nuclear power plant.

      ?Turbine operates with inlet temperature of 400 to 780°C and inlet pressure of 25MPa.

      ?Higher specific power than ultra supercritical steam or helium turbine.

      ?Over 82% isentropic efficiency while thermal cycle efficiency more than 50%.

      ?Compact structure of large specific power.

      ?Special designs meet specific requirements.